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I'm a student doing my final year engineering. I love reading books and sharing the information what I have read in those books to others. I love reading books on How to do things, psychology, new inventions and novels.

I love writing and that's the reason why i'm here.

I chose hubpages because it's a good souce of knowledge on various topics better than other websites and also people out are here are very well talented and are ready to share the information what they have.

Feel free to mail me at mathan40@gmail.com if you have any queries/suggestions to my hubs.

Love u hubpages!!!!!!

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    Wireless Power Transfer

    4 years ago

    Wireless power transmission in simple terms is a power source that supplies a system with energy without interconnecting wires. This process of generating energy becomes useful when instant or continuous energy is...

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    study techniques for students - memory enhancement

    4 years ago

    Study techniques usually deals with the process of memorizing data's. Memorizing can be done by anyone. But recollecting those memorized data's stands out as a major factor which decides the power of your memory. Here...

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    Troubled kids behavior problems -parenting tips

    4 years ago

    Troubled kids are not born with problems. It is those parents, who must be responsible for their kid’s physical and mental development, fail to do their important job of parenting. Most parents in this modern...

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    Nanotechnology - Applications, Uses and Future

    4 years ago

    What is nanotechnology ? It is the technology based on smaller things mostly comprising of nanostructures and...

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